My Divine Assignment: To Encourage Others

A dear friend who has gone to be with the Lord once told me I was her Barnabas which Biblically means "encourager." I never saw myself like that, but as I've grown in my walk with the Lord it seems that is my desire. I hope that what I share here will be an encouragement to you as we trust the Lord - for great is His Faithfulness.

My Divine Assignment: To Encourage Others.
In Christ's Love, Shelley

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Annoying Blessing

I suppose the title of this post could be considered an oxymoron but I have two examples to share.  The first example comes in the form of two people in my life - my son-in-laws, Aaron & David.  They believe it is their job to annoy me & they do it well.  Aaron often reminds me that if Don passes on first, they will pick my nursing home.  I remind Aaron that if Don goes first, there will be no inheritance money left. As for David, he makes his annoying remarks & then just snickers.  Yes, they are ANNOYING, but they truly are a blessing as they are good husbands & fathers & they make me laugh - a lot !!!!
My second example is through a circumstance.  I at Meijer wanting to purchase 10 cans of soup which was on sale & I had a coupon for - WooHoo!!!!  Two women were standing right in front of those soups having a conversation. They would not move, although they did separate so I could reach in to get the soups I wanted.  It took me awhile as I had to read the labels to see which ones I wanted.  They just wouldn't move out of the way & I was getting annoyed (inwardly).  About that time a lady was looking for something on the shelves behind me.  I thought I recognized her being from Van Wert, so I asked & she was.  I helped her find what she wanted.  I turned back to finish my soup choices when the two other women's conversation caught my attention.  They were talking about their own children - one had a child that was autistic & the other had a child born with part of his brain missing.  I had just finished reading a book about Autism & the Lord nudge me to share the title with them.  As I did, the lady from Van Wert spoke up & said she had two grandchildren with autism.  My point: if I had walked away because I was annoyed, I would not have been able to share the book with those three ladies.  I don't believe in coincidence, only God-cidence.  I truly left that grocery feeling so blessed due to a few moments of annoyance.  Proverbs 16:9 tells us this: A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.  Lord, help me never to miss a blessing just because I can't see it immediately.

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  1. What a GREAT post this is, Shelley. I love everything about it. It reminded me of the time I was late for work and had to pull over to the side of the road as a funeral procession passed by. I wrote about that incident, too, and by the time I was on my way, felt the way you do.

    (In Memory of a Life)


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